Last summer, while everyone was going out to the sea and sunbathing, my friends and I decided to change our habits, so we went camping. None of us had camped before, so this was an unknown adventure for us to begin with. We thought it would be a good idea to camp in a cooler place, so we started looking for it online. After some research we decided that we wanted to visit New Zealand. We booked the tickets and we made a plan for how to get to the camping site.

Three weeks later, we are on the highway in the middle of New Zealand, with bags on our backs and with our hands in the air. Transportation was too expensive, so we had to stop at passersby or rent a car. One very polite passenger, who was driving a trailer with him, decided to help us. He has taken us to our destination and this is where our real adventure begins. How to assemble a tent? How to light a fire? Is there a place where we can take a bath nearby? We had no idea and our network connection was not working properly.

Two of my friends started to read instructions while the third was trying to put tents together. I was looking for wood sticks around the site and the rest of the group was arranging the food we brought with us. After almost four hours we got our inflatable tents (recommended list) completed, the fire was burning bright and we were ready to prepare our dinner. Some Korean BBQ and a lot of beer was a really good choice. The sky was awesome, full of stars and the Moon, an unforgettable sight. It wasn’t that cold, and we were still a little afraid to sleep in the tent.

It was a sleepless night for me. There were a lot of insects and rustles around our camping area so I couldn’t sleep. I spent that time researching the map to find out where we could have coffee or warm tea when morning comes, and of course a proper place to take a bath. I found a few cafes nearby and a grocery store. With the first rays of sunshine, a couple of us went out to buy coffee and a few groceries. We talked about wanting to go fishing and skiing because we didn’t have much time left, we were staying there that day and the day after. A store worker recommended us good fishing spots on a nearby lake, and told us there were small cabins where we could bathe.

After we made our breakfast we went there. The scenery was beautiful. We caught a lot of fish, the water was too cold to swim, but we managed to wash ourselves as quickly as possible. The rest of the day we spent walking around the lake and taking photos. Then we went back to the tent and we prepared the fish we caught. We were singing and we talked about our old memories.

The third day was not so special. We packed our things and thought about getting back to the airport. I think it was worth sacrificing the sea for camping, I will do it again for sure!

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